Go Almere Amsterdam Off peak return

With this return ticket you can travel to and from Amsterdam during off-peak hours.

  • 2x hour card for off-peak hours.
  • Transfers allowed.
  • For sale on the bus or app.

The Go Almere Amsterdam Off peak return is a ticket with which you simply check in and out at the yellow machines on the bus. You buy the ticket in the ticket machine on the bus, in the R-net bus from the driver or in the allGo app.


  • Period of validity: 2x 60 minutes during off-peak hours*.
  • Transfers allowed? Yes, within 45 minutes.
  • Valid in all allGo and Keolis R-net buses inside and outside Almere.
  • Also valid on nightGo (N22/N23) to and from Amsterdam.
  • Not valid on line 159/160 (OV Region IJsselmond).
*Off-peak hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 16:00 and 18:30 - 06:30. All day at weekends (Friday 6.30 pm - Monday 6.30 am).
For travelers without an OV chip card or who have forgotten the OV chip card and still want to travel by bus.
  • The ticket machine in the allGo buses (only pay with PIN/bank card).
  • With the driver in the R-net buses (only pay with PIN/bank card).
  • In the allGo app.


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