A fine for fare evasion

Fare evasion is what we call travelling without paying. This is both unfair towards us, the carrier, and towards the other people in the bus, who did pay their fare. That is why we at allGo do our utmost to make sure everyone pays their fare. Let’s be fair; that is just the way it should be.

You do not have to incur a fine for fare evasion, since you can simply buy a ticket. We are happy to help you get on your way.

How can I get a ticket?

Your journey with allGo and R-net starts with buying a ticket. But how can you do this?
  • You can choose for an OV-chipkaart. It works just like it does for trains. You can buy credit or a subscription through the web shop or on www.allGobus.nl and upload this onto your OV-chipkaart.
  • It is very easy to buy a ticket through our allGo app. It is available for iOS and Android. The app conjures up a barcode on your screen, which you can scan at the check-in device in the bus.
  • You can also buy a ticket at one of the purchase points in Almere. You can find them here.
  • You can also buy a ticket in the bus. Use the red ticket machine in the allGo buses. It is located in the middle of the bus.
  • Or, if you travel with the red-grey R-net bus, you can buy a ticket from the driver.
Keep in mind: you can only use your bank card or Credit Card to pay in the bus. For security reasons, cash money is no longer accepted.

I received a fine package. Now what?

You received a fine package because you did not pay for your journey. That’s a shame; it unnecessarily costs you and it’s a hassle. Just like in stores, paying for what you buy is very normal. Anyone can understand that. By paying for your ticket and checking in and out, you can avoid fines in the future. You definitely don’t want another fine, of course!

The fine package will help you. The included OV-chipkaart is an offer from allGo, so you no longer have to evade fares. There’s more: you can make 10 journeys with this card! Do make sure to add new credit onto your card well before your 10th journey. You can find out how this works below.

How do I add credit to my OV-chipkaart?

Almere has 15 locations where you can add credit (money) to your OV-chipkaart, namely:
  • allGo Serviceshop Stationsplein 22
  • allGo vending machines on busstop Passage, Stadhuisplein and Flevoziekenhuis (silver)
  • NS vending machines on Stations Almere Centrum, Poort, Muziekwijk, Parkwijk, Buiten and Oostvaarders (yellow)
  • VVV (tourist information) / Almere City Marketing De Diagonaal 199
  • Albert Heijn, Deen and Vomar Supermarkets
Simply follow the instructions on the machines and add money to your card within a few minutes. Once that has been arranged, you can check in and out in all allGo and R-net buses. This way, you can avoid fines.