July 15 to August 30: change lijn M1, M4, M5, M7, M8 en 326 due to maintenance work

From Monday, July 15 to Friday, August 30, there will be maintenance work in Almere in the evenings and night on the Krakelingtunnel. Because of this, our buses cannot use the part of the tunnel where the buses normally drive. They will drive a different route.

What will change?
From Monday, July 15 to Friday, August 30, line M1, M4, M5, M7, M8 and 326 will run a modified route in the evening. The buses will not drive past the stop ‘Stadhuisplein’. It wil drive via the Krakeling and the Spoordreef to and from the station. The stop ‘Stadhuisplein’ will be cancelled in both directions.

This change only applies from Monday to Friday from 20.00 pm to 4.15 am. During the day and weekends these buslines run normally. The detour route takes a few minutes longer, so check your trip in advance in the journey planner. Sometimes it is better to take an earlier bus.
Changed departure stops at Station Centrum after 20.00 hrs.
Because some lines now enter the station from the other side, the departure stops of line M1 and M2 change in the evening. Line M1 towards Almere Haven will depart from stop O and line M2 towards Almere Buiten will depart from stop J.