Which subscription suits you?

You regularly travel with our bus, but which subscription best suits your travel behaviour? We are happy to help you with that. Below you will find overviews for both travelers who stay within Almere and travelers who travel with R-net between Almere and Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have you found the right subscription? Remember the product name and if applicable the center zone and star value. Then you can purchase it via the webshop or at one of our points of sale. For example, in the allGo service shop at Almere Centrum station.

Subscription advice via the travel planner?

That is also possible. You do this as follows:
  1. Plan your journey in our travel planner. Make sure that if you only travel by bus, you switch off the train at 'Types of transport'. Select the travel advice that suits your trip;
  2. Click on 'View details';
  3. Then click on 'View our product advice'
  4. Adjust the filters in the product advice menu that apply to your situation (age, number of times per week you travel, do you travel during the morning rush hour or not)
Now you can see exactly what the travel costs per month/year when you only travel on balance. You can also see which subscriptions best suit your travel distance and travel behavior based on price. The most advantageous subscription is at the top.

By clicking on the subscription of your choice, you will immediately be taken to the correct product page in our webshop. If you have chosen a star subscription, our webshop will immediately show the correct number of stars. All you have to do here is copy your center zone from our product advice.


You need a personal OV-chipcard for each subscription

Please note: you need a personal OV chip card to order a season ticket. If you don't have a personal OV-chipkaart yet, order one first via www.ov-chipkaart.nl

Need help?

Are you unable to find a solution or are you not getting good subscription advice? Please contact our customer service or click on 'Help' at the bottom right and start a chat with one of our customer service employees. We are happy to watch with you. You can also ask a question via Facebook or Twitter.