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Do you not travel that often by public transport or do you want to be flexible? Then buy a separate ticket or travel on credit and check in and out with your contactless debit card or credit card. Also on your mobile.

If you regularly travel by public transport, a subscription might be something for you.

Do you regularly travel by public transport? Then simply travel on credit with your OV-chipcard or check in and out with your contactless debit card or credit card. Also on your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to check out/checked in with the wrong operator?

If you have an OV chip card, you already know that you have to check in and out at the start and end of every trip. Still, you may sometimes forget to check out. That is why there is a new website with which you can reclaim your credit in three simple steps: uitcheckgemist.nl. You can reclaim credit in the following situations:

  • You forgot to check out.
  • You checked in with the wrong operator;
  • OV chip card check-in and -out posts on the platform were broken, so you were unable to check out;
  • OV chip card check-in and -out posts in the bus were broken, so you were unable to check out.

I want to terminate an OV-chipkaart subscription?

Do you want to terminate a subscription on your OV chip card? Then fill in this form. Your request will then be processed by allGo Customer Service.

How do I always have enough balance on my OV-chipcard?

As soon as the balance on your card is less than 0 euros, a fixed amount (10, 20 or 50 euros) is automatically charged via your bank account. You choose this fixed amount yourself when you sign up for 'automatic reload'. That way you are always ready for travel. Automatic reloading is only possible on a personal OV-chipkaart, not on an anonymous or disposable card. You request automatic reloading on ov-chipkaart.nl

Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy our tickets in different ways:

 1. In our webshop. A one-time registration is required, after which you can digitally order your tickets from us. You need an OV chip card to order a subscription. You buy a personal OV chip card via www.ov-chipkaart.nl. An anonymous OV chip card is available at the reload or vending machine and at various shops and service points in your region. You can find these points of sale via www.ov-chipkaart.nl/adresvinder.

2. In the allGo App.

3. At the service shop in Almere on Central Station Almere.


Check in and out easily with your debit card!

Throughout the Netherlands you can now check in and out with your debit card (OVpay). You check in with your contactless debit card, credit card or your payment app on your mobile phone. And of course you check out again with the same card.  Pre-registration or downloading an app is not necessary.