New Homepage

The homepage of has been updated. With this we want to serve you as a visitor online even better. The new design is fresher and more modern. In addition, the most important functionalities for our travelers are now at the top. The design of our new homepage takes into account the use via the smartphone or tablet.

Trusted information
All important functionalities of our website can be found on the homepage. The most important functionalities, such as the travel planner and disruptions and diversions, are at the top. You will still find important information about timetables, our customer service, travel products and news from the travel area.

Layout of the homepage
When setting up the homepage, the relevance of various components has been taken into account. Before we refreshed the homepage, we analyzed the old homepage. As a result, the most important topics for our visitors are displayed in a logical order on the homepage. We will continue to carry out this analysis on a regular basis, so that the homepage always shows the most important topics and information.

For the time being, only the homepage of has been updated. Other pages, such as the travel planner or webshop, run on specific systems. As a result, the new design of the homepage cannot be adopted one on one. However, it is being checked whether the other pages can also be given a new look at a later time.

Questions / news
Do you have questions about the new homepage or can you not find certain information? Please contact our customer service. Would you like to be kept informed by e-mail of all the news allGobus? Sign up here for our newsletter.