Red ticket machine in AllGo bus out of service


Since the beginning of 2023, you can easily check in and out with your debit card. We call this OVpay, which is why the red ticket machine will disappear from the allGo buses from January 1, 2024.

With the arrival of OVpay, traveling by public transport will become even easier. You no longer have to buy a separate ticket or top up the balance on your OV-chip card. You simply check in and out with your debit card, credit card or payment app on your mobile phone. You travel at the advantageous balance rate. Want to know how it works? Go to

You can still buy a ticket on the allGo bus, but from the bus driver. Starting in January, only day passes will be available. For a single ride, it is better to check in and out with your debit card, this is cheaper than a day ticket. Or buy a ticket in one of the travel apps like 9292 or Tranzer. You pay the advantageous balance fare there too. Note that some apps do charge a service fee on your total trip.

Collecting a product
At the red ticket machine you can currently also pick up a product for your OV-chipcard. From January, this will be possible at the OV recharge machine in the allGo service store or at some other locations in Almere. At the moment it is also still possible to collect your product from the devices in the R-net buses.

Reading your 10-journey card
On the red machine you can currently see how many journeys you still have on your OV-chipkaart. As of January you can use the yellow OV recharge machine for this purpose. These are located at the allGo service store, the VVV in Almere Stad and the Vomar supermarkets in Almere.