In addition to subscriptions for unlimited travel for a fixed amount and travel with a discount, we also have a number of other interesting travel products. 


Travel for free or with a discount if you receive a student grant.

  • You can choose between a week or weekend subscription.
  • You get a 40% discount on times when you do not travel for free.
  • Valid throughout the Netherlands.
For free


NS has various subscriptions that are also valid on the Blauwnet train.

  • Valid on all trains in the Netherlands.
  • omething for everyone: from children to business travellers.
  • A subscription from € 2,20 per month.
€ 2,20


If you are visually impaired, you can travel by bus, tram and metro (and public transport over water) throughout the Netherlands at a lower boarding rate. The Sentire product itself is free.

  • Free to purchase.
  • Standard age discount in city and regional transport.
  • Entry fee of € 1.20
For free