Net subscription

Travel throughout the Netherlands by bus, tram and metro.

  • Unlimited travel during rush hour + off-peak hours.
  • Unlimited travel on weekends + public holidays.
  • Extra discount in the age group from 4 to 18 years and 65+.
€ 221,40

Do you want to travel with different operators and means of transport? Then the Net Subscription Month or Year is a good choice for you. This allows you unlimited and carefree travel throughout the Netherlands by bus, tram and metro, with the exception of night buses. The Netsubscription is a travel product that allows travelers to travel with all transport companies (with the exception of NS and regional trains) in several modes of transport (bus, tram, metro).

Please note: this season ticket cannot be placed on an OV chip card with Travel on Account (NS Business Card and NS Flex).
  • All city and regional buses, trams and metros, in Qliners, Brabantliners, Interliner (Connexxion), Servicebuses (Qbuzz) and Parkshuttles (Connexxion).
  • Valid in community buses (buurtbus), except for the community buses without OV-chipcard equipment, the Connexxion community buses in the Amstelland/Meerlanden, Zaanstreek concessions.
  • Not valid in taxi services, water buses, event transport, cross-border transport.
  • Not valid on night lines, except for EBS, GVB and Connexxion in Amstelland/Meerlanden and Zaanstreek.
  • Valid for one month or one year.
  • All day, during and outside rush hour.
  • This subscription is only valid when you check in and out with your OV-chipcard because otherwise you do not have a valid ticket and you run the risk of being fined.
  • Please note: this subscription cannot be placed on an OV-chipcard with Travel on Account (NS Business Card and NS Flex).
This subscription is suitable for you if you travel (almost) daily by bus, tram or metro of various transport companies.
Order here your Net subscription monthly or yearly.

Please note: young people from 4 to 18 years old and people over 65 travel with an extra discount. The subscription can also be purchased at our service shop at the bus station in Almere. After purchase, you can pick up the subscription at one of 1200 pick-up machines in the Netherlands. Click here for an overview of the collection points in your area.

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