Dayticket Almere Regional

An entire day of unlimited travel with all allGo and Keolis R-net buses.

  • Travel all day in- and outside Almere.
  • Transfers allowed.
  • For sale in the bus.
€ 13,-

Dayticket Almere Regional is a ticket with which you simply check in and out at the yellow machines on the bus. You buy the ticket on the bus from the driver.

  • Day ticket purchased on the bus is valid on the day of purchase until 03:00 at night
  • Transfers allowed? Yes, until 02:45 a.m.
  • Valid on all allGo, Keolis R-net (322, 326, 327 and 330) and nightGo (N22/23) buses.
  • Not valid on line 150/216 of RRReis

For travelers without an OV-chip card or for travelers making multiple trips in one day.

For a single trip, it is better to check in and out using your debit card (OVpay) or your OV-chip card. Do you only travel within Almere? Then choose for Dayticket Almere.
  • With the driver in the buses (only pay with PIN/bank card).
  • In de travel-app from Tranzer (Download here for Apple of download here for Android)


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