Travel on balance

With balance travel you pay an amount per kilometer + the boarding rate.

  • You travel flexibly and only pay when you travel.
  • Throughout the Netherlands by train, bus, tram and metro.
  • You can easily buy extra balance, also online.
Load balance from
€ 10,-
You can travel on balance throughout the Netherlands with your OV-chipcard. Recently, you can also travel on credit in various areas, including at allGo, with your contactless debit card or credit card, also on your mobile.

1. Contactless debit card or credit card, also on your mobile (OVpay)1.
Note: now in these areas in the Netherlands, so also with allGo.
1OVpay is the new way of checking in and out in public transport in the Netherlands. What's new? If you travel second class and without a discount or subscription, you will soon be able to choose from all operators with which you check in and out! It is already possible in many places with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone. You choose what suits you best. In both cases, you make sure you have sufficient funds and you check in and out with your public transport chip card or your contactless debit card or credit card. If you check in with your debit or credit card, check out at the special card reader with the OVpay logo on it. For more information check here.

2. OV-chipcard.
The OV-chipcard is a card that allows you to travel throughout the Netherlands. You load balance on this card yourself. The card is for everyone who occasionally to very regularly travels by public transport in the Netherlands, both locally, regionally and nationally. In this video you can see how it works.


You travel on balance with your OV-chipcard and you check in and out with your OV-chipcard.
Personal OV-chipcard Anonymous OV-chipcard
Personal. Not personal.
A discount product/subscription can be loaded onto the card. No discount product/subscription can be loaded onto the card.
Automatic balance reloading is possible. Automatic balance reloading is not possible.
Can be blocked in case of loss or theft. Can not be blocked in case of loss or theft.
Validity: 5 years Validity: 5 years after production.
For sale via: For sale at various shops
and service points in your region.

The recommended retail price of both an anonymous and a personal OV-card has been set at € 7,50. Make sure you have enough balance for your trip. A minimum of € 4 for the bus, a minimum of € 10 for the regional train and a minimum of € 20 for the NS if you travel on balance. You can order balance via our webshop.

A personal OV-chipcard is linked to a specific cardholder. When you use a personal OV-chipcard as a ticket, your identity must match the identity on the personal OV-chipcard and if it requires a passport photo, this must be a similar passport photo. You are therefore not allowed to use someone else's personal OV-chipcard.

You travel on balance with your contactless debit card or credit card and also on your debit card on your phone/smartwatch. You simply check in and out with your card. The public transport companies call this new form of payment OVpay. This is already possible in various areas in the Netherlands. But not yet at allGo. Knowing more? Check the national OVpay website for the national developments.

The rates for traveling with the OV-chipcard can be found at

  • Plan a trip via the public transport planner.
  • The price for the trip is stated under the public transport advice.
  • Click on all ticket types and choose the price of the trip with the OV-chipcard.
  Boarding rate  Kilometer price allGo 
Boardingrate and kilometer price €1,08 €0,177
20% discount (i.c.w. Always Reduction) €0,86 €0,142
34% discount (age discount)* €0,71 €0,117
40% discount (ic.m. Always Reduction + Scolar) €0,65 €0,106
34% + 20% discount (age discount i.c.w. Always Reduction)  €0,57 €0,094

* Children up to 4 years old travel for free. The age discount for balance travel applies to children aged 4 to 11 and persons aged 65 and older. Balance travel with an age discount is only possible with a personal OV-chip card.

You can load a balance on your OV-chipcard in various ways.

  • At one of the service points nearby for example, our Service Shop at Almere station.
  • You automatically reload balance.
  • You order your balance online via our webshop (€ 10, € 20 or € 50) and collect it at one of the above service points.



Everyone misses a checkout sometimes. On you can request your balance in three simple steps. You can request a refund for the following situations:

  • Forgot to check out.
  • Checked in with the wrong operator.
  • OV-chipcard check-in/out posts on the platform are broken. Couldn't check out.
  • OV-chipcard check-in/out posts in the bus are broken. Couldn't check out.