Only daytickets available

From January 1, only day tickets are available in our buses.

Due to the arrival of OVpay (checking in and out with your debit card) the following tickets are no longer available: Half Hour, Hour and Offpeak return Amsterdam are out of the range. In their place are 2 new daytickets: Dayticket Almere Kids and Dayticket Almere Streek.

If you used to buy a separate ticket for one ride, you can see the alternative below. This is often cheaper than a day ticket.
  • OVpay, checking in and out with your debit card 
  • OV-chipcard, travel on balance
  • E-ticket in a travel app like 9292 or Tranzer
With all these 3 options you pay the base fare for your trip. Basic fare €1.08 + 0.177 per km. Only with the e-ticket there is often a small service fee added.

Tip for travelling together with OVpay
Is someone traveling with you who does not have their own payment card? For example parent + child. Then you can check in and out for yourself with your physical payment card and for your child with the contactless payment card on your mobile phone. You are then seen as 2 different travelers. You still both benefit from the advantageous balance rate.

Read all information about the 2024 rates and products in this post.