Tarifs 2024


Rates for 2024 remain largely the same as in 2023. However, Almere is also adding new products and removing some from the range. Below is a list of the changes:

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Boarding fare
To travel on balance, you must have a minimum amount on your OV-chip card for a trip with the bus. This is the boarding fare, which you can see as a kind of deposit. When you check out, you get your boarding fare back. For 2024, the boarding fare will be increased to €6 for R-net and to €8 for trips on nightGo lines N22 and N23. For trips on the allGo bus, the boarding fare remains €4.

Single tickets
Due to the arrival of OVpay (checking in and out with your debit card) the following single tickets will disappear: Half Hour, Hour and Go Almere Amsterdam Off peak return. Instead there will be 2 new daytickets: Dayticket Almere Child and Dayticket Almere Regional. Update 15-01-2024 also Dayticket Almere Regional Child is available.

The Dayticket Almere goes up in price for the first time since 2018 and becomes €7.00. The Children's Group ticket for schools and BSO's will be €31.00 and will be available via the Tranzer app from January.

Go 10 and 20 travel tickets
From January 1, only the Off Peak variants will be available for allGo and R-net. Do you still have a DAY version on your OV-chip card? No problem, you can still use up these trips in 2024 during the term of your product.

Monthly subscription
The Go Almere Free subscription allows unlimited travel on the allGo and R-net buses within Almere. Starting January 1, age discounts will be applied. This means that children, youth and seniors get 34% discount. Instead of €93.50 they will pay €61.50. If you are currently still traveling with an RNZA 2 star subscription within Almere, then it will be cheaper to switch as of January. In addition, for the first months of 2024 there is a special promotional price for children and youth: instead of €61.50 you temporarily pay only €50 for a monthly subscription.

NEW: Senior subscription Off peak Month. This has replaced the Go Senior Off Peak Winter and Year subscription. For only €25.00 per month, the 65+ person can travel unlimited on the allGo and Keolis R-net buses from 09.00 in the morning. Also towards Amsterdam and Blaricum.

Year subscriptions
All winter and year sucscriptions will be discontinued. If you currently travel with the Go Almere Free Year sucscription or Go Youth Year subscription, you can continue to use these until the end of the term. After that you can switch to a monthly subscription. If you still want a year sucscription, you can still choose the Randstad Noord Zone Annual subscription in 2024.